Gentle Cleansing Water

Hello! I'm looking to create a micellar cleansing water. I'm still very much in the early stages of developing the formula, but Im thinking:

80% water
5% peppermint hydrosol
2% glycerin
3% aloe vera gel
3% blend of extracts (haven't pinned down exactly which ones I want yet but Im leaning towards green tea and possibly some natural AHA containing extracts)
1% preservative 
.5% chelator

Im guessing the last 5.5% would be my surfactant and some sort of solubilizer to dissolve makeup. I'm not sure how to divide the 5.5% between the 2 or if I even need that much.

Im also wondering if I should add something to make this not quite as runny (possibly increase aloe gel and glycerin) or add some sort of thickener or structuring agent.

Disclaimer: I want this to be as gentle as possible, but still effective. I also have to have a squeaky clean label for marketing purposes. So I'd loveee to avoid polysorbate-20 and anything else ethoxylated. Polymers and silicones are also unfortunately not an option for me. I think I can make any surfactant work as long as it is gentle, but I think it'd be an easier sale if was sulfate free (*sigh*)
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