Nail hardeners with formalin

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I am working on nail hardeners and have faced a couple of problems.
According to some patents that I read, it could contain: water, ethanol, formalin and surfactants.
Formalin is in equilibrium with formaldehyde which is trace in amount in the ristricted quantity of formoalin used in nail hardeners(1-2%).
It seems that formaldehyde reacts with ethanol to form formic acid. Formic acid goes and reacts with hemoglobin and creats pigmentation, which changes nail color undesirably.

It would be appreciated if one advised me if I need a buffer to contril pH? Since the patents didn't mentioned anything regarding this matters.


  • Another question is:
    If the buffer is required, is it possible to buffer the solution with ammonium hydroxide and NaCl? I guess the buffer needs to maintain the pH in 6.8-7.2

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