Practical advice for using highly viscous ingredients

I am climbing the "scale ladder" so to speak and some of my formulations will be made at a much larger scale. How do some of you handle viscous compounds such as Polysorbate-80, Decyl Glucoside, CDEA and Polyquat 7 ?

D-Panthenol has been especially difficult to handle. I feel like I am losing quite a bit in transfer losses. Luckily I don't need to currently use this ingredient in my larger sized formulations but I really struggle on how to efficiently measure and pour this particular ingredient. 

What I have been doing is weighing a larger amount than needed into a sterilized beaker and then pouring the necessary amount by simply measuring the weight of what is left in the beaker. I don't like the idea of re introducing unused raw materials to their original containers.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 


  • If they're water soluble materials, try weighing out what you need into a larger vessel than necessary and premixing with 2-3 times volume of water - should work with panthenol. For polysorbate-80 & decyl glucoside, I'd suggest gently warming them to lower the viscosity - a water bath is good for this.
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