Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate with Betaine in a cream cleanser

Hi there, 

I hope someone can help me troubleshoot: 
I absolutely love SCI but I find it extremely notorious to work with. 
I made a cream cleanser and have 2 issues: 

1. I melted the SCI in half of my formulae's water and it turned transparent. But after about 4 minutes, a thin film started forming on this SCI/betaine mix. Is there any reason for this or something I can do to remove the thin film? 

2. Once the SCI/betaine are melted (with the thin film), I added them into my emulsified cream (my cream was a mix of cocoa butter, olivem1000, almond oil and cetyl alcohol blended in the remaining water). As a result, the cream becomes clumpy and I don't know why. Are you able to advise? 

Would it be easier if I added the SCI powder after the cream was made? I could but the last time I did that, I would see white powder traces in the cream. 

I am looking for some guidance. 




  • LisaSLisaS Member
    Hi Amber! I don't know about the film - maybe add a chelator? As far as the other part goes, I would treat the entire thing as an emulsion. In other words, don't add the cream, add the water soluble parts; mix the oil parts separately, then add all of them together. Try this and let me know what happens! 
  • Cafe33Cafe33 Member
    What type of SCI are you working with and what percentages are you using? 
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