product safety assessment

Dear all,
I need your support on the safety assessment of a cosmetic product.
We have prepared a cosmetic file for liquid soap (saponified oil with potash):
The cosmetic dossier includes as specifications: total free alkali content: max 0.1% Na2O and pH max11
The product data sheet includes as specification: pH: between 9 and 9.5 and total free alkali content: <0% Na2O
We want to change the specifications of the product technical sheet to coincide with those of the cosmetic file.
My request is as follows:
1-The safety assessment of the product is based on the specifications mentioned in the cosmetic file or according to the technical sheet of the product?
2- In the event of a change in specifications, the potassium hydroxide residue will be mentioned while respecting the specifications of the cosmetic file. The addition of this ingredient will modify the safety report of the product by the toxicologist or a simple update of the report only?
3- the patch test, the moisturizing power test will be redone in the event of the addition of the ingredient potassium hydroxide in the formula?
Best regards
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