Input about the process of registering with the EPA to sell disinfectant

Hi all,

I am currently looking into the registration process with the EPA for a disinfectant that we are able to manufacture in the fight against Covid-19. It is a type of disinfectant that is considered a pesticide and that is already on the market, we just aren't registered to sell it yet, and are considering it.

I am curious if anyone here has experience with the EPA registration process:
- how long it took
- what the cost was
- would you recommend working with a consultant or is it possible to do this without one
- is the data requirements and testing process complicated
- generally if it was a difficult process and worth the effort of registering

I know some of the answers here are "it depends", I am just looking for personal experience and advice you may have with any of the points above. Thanks so much in advance for anyone able to shed light on this.


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    @Marit ; assuming you folks have not developed a new formulation concept but emulated one of the EPA registered ones, I'll suggest sub-registering with a formulator of record. You are also advised to seek out a consultant. Even the peeps at EPA advise this. If this is a truly novel approach then you will need to spend >$100,000 in testing requirements plus the registration fee ($4000 per if I remember last time) plus a lot more fees to the consultant. First step is to get that facility and company number registration from EPA. You cannot get anywhere without those. 

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