Fungicidal Preservative

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Hello, can you tell me the preservative which is effective against yeast and mould? I wonder what the preservative do you use. 
My customers said that they used 0.8 Saliguard EHGP in their serum, but its not ok, the contamination happened.


  • @1501 Preservatives specifically active against yeats and mold are parabens, but if you're not OK with parabens, organic acids (as long as your final pH is lower than 6.0, and the lower the better), and Iodopropynyl Butyl Carbamate. PHMB has also activity against these microorganisms, but there are some concerns, especially when used in sprayable products. The idea is to mix a good antibacterial preservative with one of these, so you have broad spectrum...or you can use a broad spectrum preservative as well. 
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    Saligard EHGP would be pretty ineffective vs fungi.
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    I'm gonna' go with PhilGeis here - for  the  most part. Those glycol blends in phenoxyethanol have some efficacy vs. fungi, molds, yeasts but not enough to comfort me. If  you cannot stomach parabens, then add iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC), allowable up to 0.01% everywhere. The drop-in IPBC solutions in phenoxytol from Thor are cheap and easy to add.
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