Fabric softener scent not lasting after drying

Kindly assist on how I can make fabric softener that retains scent after drying like downy  . 
Softener beads 500gms
Emulsion 150gms
Stb soften 20gms
Spring fragrance 10ml
Sodium benzoate


  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    Long lasting freshness/fragrance in fabric softeners generally comes from encapsulated fragrances.

    We did some trials with CPL Aromas Aromacore fragrances a few years ago which worked really well. We decided not to go ahead with the project because our test group didn't really like the fragrance remaining on the fabric.
  • Hi @Jkambi, @ozgirl is right. In fabric softeners, you usually add both a free oil fragrance (for instant blooming), and an encapsulated fragrance (for long lasting scent). 
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