Hydroxy ethyl cellulose %age for thickening

Hello everyone,
Kindly let me know what is the wt%age of HEC for thickening of surfactants like Labsa and SLES. Can it be used without salt if so than what could be the amount by %age that gives thick gel?
For crystal clear gel can we only use HEC?
By adding salt its get extra thick but clearity goes as soon as u add the salt in surfactants.


  • There's something not quite right with your formulation if adding salt causes it to lose clarity - it's perfectly possible to make a crystal-clear surfactant formulation that's solely salt-thickened. If you post your formulation people can suggest what this might be.

    To answer your original question though, I've made pretty thick gels with 1-2% HEC, they weren't surfactant solutions though.
  • Sls 1.5%
    Sles 10%
    Coco betaine 3.0%
    Salt 3.5%
    HEC 0.3%
    Citric acid 0.5%
    Soda Ash 0.5%
    Color preservative
    It gives foggy solution not crystal clear

  • @Ahmad Usually a bit of Soda after incorporation of HEC helps improve clarity...nevertheless, that amount of Salt could actually be messing with your system, not necessarily because of the HEC, but because of the interaction with surfactants. Also, increasing pH also improves clarity, especially when using betaines.
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