Facial wash separation

Hello every one, I have the following formula for acne facial wash
SLES.      8%
COCO betaine.   7%
Salicylic acid.   1
Propylene glycol. 2
Green tea extract 2%
Xanthan   0.5%
Pearlizing agent    3%
Dw.    Up to 100%
Nacl.   qs

The formula keeps separating with heavy mass on the top and small quantity of water at the bottom , 
So what is the wrong ? And how can I fix it ?
Another question 😁
How to turn the wash to become transparent ? 
It was obique even before the addition of pearlizer


  • How are you mixing this? 
    I can't see any reason why this would be separating unless you had salts in the water that don't get on with your pearlising or gelling agent.
    Is your pearliser a cold-process or hot-process, too?
  • @Soona What's your final pH? Betaines tend to behave like cationics at low pH (in the case of CAPB, it happens at a pH below 5.5). Since you hace Salicylic acid and no base to raise pH, I see that could be the reason.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    I think 3% pearl agent is too high. That could lead to separation.  Also, salicylic acid is only soluble in water up to 0.25% so that may be separating out also.
  • I do adjust the PH around 5.5 to 6 and my pearlizer is hot process I add it at the fina step , so what is the optimum amount of pearlizer that I could use ?
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