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Hello every one, I am trying to make anti acne cream And I am Wondering which formula is better, and would most likely suit the majority ;
Azelaic acid 5% Salicylic acid. 2% Resorcinol. 1% Or Azelaic acid. 8% Salicylic acid. 2% Zinc oxide. 2.5% Or Azelaic acid. 5% Salicylic acid. 2% Sulfur. 2% Or Salicylic acid. 2% Resorcinol. 1% Sulfur. 3%
I prefer to avoid sulfur as possible as I can , and I shall add soothing agents and adjust the ph properly So please any suggestions ?! 


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    Hello @Soona

    A few people here will scream at you and will not help you.  :D If you ask that it means you have no idea what you are dealing with.

    Azelaic Acid and Salicylic Acid are automatically considered drugs at that high amount.

    I would like to help but... I rather let real chemists/pharmacists here to it.

    Basically...It is not easy to answer which is formula is better.
    "Better" for me is 3% Salicylic Acid, and approximately 10% Sodium Salicylate (neutralised Salicylic Acid. Near pH 7. No irritation. No soothing agent needed).

    Those two formulations are the best for me because I cannot get Azelaic Acid to play with, and I dislike the odour of Sulphur.

    I take Urea, for instance, as I have pretty rich experience playing with it. Some people say less than 5% is moisturising, above 5% is exfoliating. Some people say 3% is more than enough to hydrate skin. Whatever they say, I test/ed it out, on myself. Because what people say can be very different from what happens to me. 40% Urea does not exfoliate me, maybe I already have perfect skin. LMAO! 2% to 10% is not hydrating.

    It is difficult to one-size-fits-all, in other words. What your application is, and whatnot. As with 40% Urea, very high amount of Salicylic Acid at 10% (not neutralised; very low pH) does not exfoliate my skin. Even the combination of very high amount of Urea and Salicylic Acid do not act as chemical peel on me. Because I have not much 'dead skin' to observe the typical result that people are talking about.
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