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Usually when I contact suppliers on ulprospector about ordering ingredients and pricing. I only get pricing for orders of a large quantity 5kg or more. I’m a very new chemist and I was told where to order ingredients but not necessarily how. What am I doing wrong? where do I find suppliers that can accommodate smaller orders. IE 500g. 


  • BioFuran Materials LLC supplies ingredients and additives in smaller quantities. They focus mainly on esters, salts, and ionic liquids.
  • What country do you live in?

  • What country do you live in?

    United states
  • Top US small scale suppliers (in my opinion):

    Formulators sample shop...  Prices are better when you start ordering less than the minimum.

    LotionCrafters.... Good selection, and quickest turnaround time...usually ships in 1-2 days...at worst 3 days.

    Make your Own.buzz ... good prices and have some materials I could not find at others....definitely the slowest ship times.  Best butter quality...as it all comes out of a Major International supplier from Denmark.

    Nobleroots:  Top tier ingredients...but limited in what they have as small pak.  Super premium ingredients....ie:  Not all macadamia nut oil is of the same quality...they use Floratech as their supplier of this...and that is over the top premium.  Amazing customer service.

    I'll toss one more in....cuz they have good descriptions...and I get two ingredients here that I could not find elsewhere.  'Ingredients to die for'.  Definitely the worst ship times...so you have to anticipate your needs if using them.

    Making Cosmetics...I did get something from them recently...good quality...but prices are typically not competitive.

    Ebay and Amazon.....last place on earth you get ingredients.  Went down that bunny trail...early on.
  • I was thinking in terms of Ashland or Croda
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    Large manufacturers will not deal directly with small quantities and use distributors/resellers to distribute their products. Try searching for distributors in your area or use the resellers listed above.

    The availability of products depends on what the resellers want to sell so you may not be able to get all of the raw materials in small quantities.
  • AnnaUnce said:
    I was thinking in terms of Ashland or Croda
    for 500g? May I ask what are you ordering?

    You can try asking their local suppliers if they can make 500g PO for you but I don't think they would. Or ask if there are other companies ordering the same thing, you might try asking them if you can perhaps split the bill.

    Small scale suppliers have their SDS, MSDS, lot numbers, etc. too.
  • Do a Google search for the INCI names of the ingredients you are looking for.. most times you will find a repackager who sells it (often it's given a slightly different name to the manufacturer's)... the ones Graillotion mentioned supply a good selection in the US, but there are often more obscure or foreign sites you might find some ingredients if you really, really want them... e.g. Trulux in Australia, and smaller sellers in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Poland. I'm forever receiving securely-packed packages of white powder from all over the world  :D

    There will be some ingredients that you can only get large quantities (e.g. 15kg or 25kg) but more often than not, you will find a decent substitute that is more readily available in smaller quantities.
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    For small quantities at lower prices than those on Graillotion's helpful list, I'll add Universal Preserv-A-Chem (www.upichem.com) for many  - but not all - cosmetic ingredients, even top brand ones.  
  • Also in the United States, and I have to add that it is not possible for me to find all the ingredients that I need from online stores.  One example of an ingredient that is basically impossible to buy right now in small quantities in the United States is the bakuchiol.  There are loads of other examples, but hopefully you will fare better.
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