Chelating agent contact time to chelate metal ions

How much contact time do chelating agents need to chelate metal ions for example calcium? 
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    If it's a good chelate under conditions which allow chelation, speed is determined by diffusion of the two molecules. Given high enough concentration so the two can actually meed, binding is very fast. If, on the other hand, the medium the two are dissolved in were a thick gel and the concentration low, chelation might take a while and were the two not fully dissolved... you get the picture, don't you?
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    It is %0.2 EDTA or %2 Sodium citrate.
    I got the picture. As Just when the binding is very fast is the chelation time in seconds, minutes or what approximately? And also when when it takes a while, how much? 
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    Why does time matter? Chelation is also an equilibrium between binding and releasing. Once the chelate has dissolved in your product you can assume that you have achieved equilibrium.
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