How to use essential oils in an aqueous solution . . .

Hello, all.

I am able to easily add/solubolize essential oils into pure ethanol, but then how do I then go about adding that preparation into a water phase (assuming I am making a toner, as an example)?  I am trying to avoid using an additional solubolizer, like one of the polysorbates.  I has assumed it was possible to simply combine this ethanol-based preparation with water, but perhaps not?

Thank you.


  • there are some olive based solbilizers. not sure how well they work tho
  • Thank you.  Is this to say I have to use an additional solubilizer of some sort?
  • I have used dowanol DPM to solubilize EOs in water, I guess u could try other glycols. Or homogenization can solubilize oils in water too. 
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