w/o processing techniques

Hi everyone.
Seeking help.  I am formulating a w/o emulsion. In general , what are the precautions I need to be aware of in terms of processing/homogenising?
I read for example that homogenisation should be done at below 30C. Is that correct? If yes, do I homogenise upon adding both phases together initially while hot, or just mix and when the lotion cools to 30C I homogenise ?
Any sources to read on w/o emulsions would be highly appreciated. I couldn't find much.
How different is the homogenising power and time of a w/o emulsion from regular o/w?


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    I'll suggest researching available literature from Evonik on this subject. That manufacturer has been at this for decades. See: Abil brand emulsifiers. 
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