Hi All😊 I tried making a leave on conditioner. The formula was Phase A                      percentage D/w                                  81.80 Guar gum                          0.50 Cetearyl alcohol               2.00 Glycerine                           1.50 Phase B Quat 7                                  2.00 Quat 10                                2.00 Stearic acid                         2.00 BTMS 50                               5.00 Phase C Dimethicone                          2.00 Cetrimonium chloride          1.50 Phase D  D panthenol                            1.50 M paraben                               0.50 Fragrance                                0.30 Citric acid                                0.10 Keratin & biotin in water       1.00 The pH had to be at 4.5. I got 4.8 Now, the issue The conditioner was off white in colour and slightly thick in consistency. The texture of the hair was smooth and slippery but the strong fishy odour was the spoiler. When I referred some blogs, the recommendation was to increase the fragrance. I had to nearly drown the formulation in fragrance. After a week, the conditioner has turned thick as a cream and a mild pinkish colour. Of course the fragrance was brown in colour. I am now unable to use it coz the fragrance is quite overpowering and the consistency I am not happy with. Will be happy to have expert views and guidance to help create a great leave on conditioner. I was experimenting with keratin and biotin capsules prescribed for intake. Was pleasantly surprised at the reduction of hair fall with just 2 uses😊😊


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